Frequently Asked Questions

There are tons of great domain names expiring each and every day. Unfortunately it's hard to sift through (literally) hundreds of thousands of domain names to find those hidden gems.

That's what we're trying to assist you with. As we continue to fine-tune the way we filter all of these domain names, we aim to make your job as easy as it can possibly get.

Why can't I find any domain names with numbers or hyphens in them?

In an effort to improve our overall accuracy and helpfulness, we will not consider any expire domain names containing numbers or hyphens.

Do you show expired domain names with the ____ extension?

As of right now we're only monitoring expired domains with the .COM, .NET and .ORG extensions.

Some of these domain names are terrible - you can't even pronounce them!

While our methods are completely automated (to handle hundreds of thousands of domain names each and every day), they aren't flawless. But we're *constantly* fine tuning our system to assist with "trimming the fat" off all future results.

One of the domains on your list was already taken/not available to be registered

Sorry! :( If you're not super quick in this market, someone may have snagged it. We systematically check to see if the domains are still available (and remove them if they aren't), but it's a slower process.